I am a teacher, coach, author and speaker who trains Christians to understand how their love for competition and their love for Christ should work together for the glory of God.

Sports have been a dynamic and important way God has helped me to understand how to live for His glory. As an athlete and a coach God has used workouts, practices, and games to reveal to me how I can live for the glory of my Creator and Savior Jesus Christ in every aspect of life.

My wife, Da'Nelle, and I before a game

I want Compete4Christ to be a tool God uses to completely reshape your ambition, goals, motivation, audience and definition of winning. I want to stir a passion in your heart for God’s glory and I want to show you what it means to compete for the Lord and not for men.

If you’re serious about learning how to compete for God’s glory I recommend you sign up for an email subscription to the blog posts here. I typically post 2-5 blog posts per month. I keep them short and to the point. They are designed to be easy to consume and easy to apply to your life.

I’ve also written a short, 34 page book, titled Same Game | Different Fame about being ambitious to glorify God in sports. The Kindle version costs about the same as a cup of coffee and you can probably read it in less than two hours. Learn more about the book here.

Over the last few years I have spoken to groups in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Carolina. I’ve spoken to junior high, high school, and college age athletes and their coaches in auditoriums, school libraries, living rooms, and school gyms. I’ve encouraged groups of less than 10 and groups of over 300 with God’s Word and the basic principles of Compete4Christ. If you’re interested in having me speak at your event check out the speaking page here.

A little about me. My wife, Da’Nelle, and I have been married for 10 years. We live in Lincoln, NE where I teach PE and Bible and coach football and track and field at Lincoln Christian School. Da’Nelle serves as the director of operations for the track and field team at the University of Nebraska. Obviously, we spend a tremendous amount of time at sporting events. For us, competition isn’t a hobby. Competition is our vocation, our calling, and our ministry. When we aren’t working you can find Da’Nelle and I on date nights (dinner and a game is pretty normal), spending time with friends (also, often dinner and a game), and serving and leading at First Street Bible Church. I also spend several hours a week studying as I am nearing completion of my master of arts in religion with an emphasis in Christian leadership from Liberty University. We don’t have any kids, but we do have a 9 year old yellow Labrador retriever named Elway (we both grew up in Colorado and I played quarterback…what else would we name our dog?)

You can connect with me on Twitter via @KurtEarl14 and follow Compete4Christ on Twitter @Compete4Christ.