Wristbands for Championship Season  By

Wristbands for Championship Season

The spring sports season is ramping up to its final climatic weeks. With each practice and competition, more and more is on the line. Athletes and teams all over the country are focused on qualifying for the tournament, surviving and advancing, setting new personal bests, and winning championships. It’s a fun time of year and a great reminder of what makes sports so great.

Hidden within all the excitement, however, are some grave temptations. As the spotlight shines brighter and the stage gets bigger, it’s easy to become more and more focused on the things of this world.

As your season ends, you’re going to be tempted to focus more on the scoreboard.

When you face that temptation, you need something to help you get your mind back on your priorities. You need a quick and easy way to get your mind back on competing for God’s glory and being His representative in competition.

Compete4Christ Same Game | Different Fame wristbands will help you keep your mind focused on the things of above rather than the things of this world. When you’re wearing you Compete4Christ Same Game | Different Fame wristband a quick glance at your wrist will reset your mind and get you focused on what matters most and brings you the greatest joy: competing for God’s fame.

During the month of May, we’re offering a special deal on our Compete4Christ Same Game | Different Fame wristbands. Through the end of the month you can get an unlimited number of wristbands for just $1 each after purchasing your first wristband for $5. This gives you a great opportunity to buy a wristband for everyone on your team, in your FCA group, or for those who will support you in your upcoming championship season as you Compete4Christ.

To take part in this special spring season deal, you need to do three easy things.

  1. Sign up to become a Compete4Christ email subscriber here if you’re not already.
  2. Email kurt@compete4christ.co or send a direct message to @Compete4Christ and let me know how many wristbands you want to order.
  3. Snap a pic of you wearing your wristband and post it on social media. Be sure to tag @Compete4Christ so I can retweet and share!

We can’t wait to see how God uses your Compete4Christ Same Game | Different Fame wristbands to prepare you to keep God first as you finish out your exciting season.

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