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Get my next book for free

Click here to get a free copy of my next book “Beyond the Scoreboard: redefining success in a culture obsessed with winning.”

It’s 100% free. There’s just one caveat: I will be releasing the book one chapter at a time once a month. By clicking here, you can sign up to become a Compete4Christ email subscriber which will ensure that you will be notified via email every time I post a new chapter to the website.

The best part is that every month when I release another brand new chapter of the book, it will be accompanied by a conversation between Robbie Trent, Todd Earl, and myself. I will be asking Robbie and Todd questions about the chapter, and Robbie and Todd will be asking me questions in return. Not only that, but they will be helping me determine the direction of the book as we go. At the end of every conversation, we will be discussing which chapter should come next. These conversations will be posted to the Compete4Christ podcast. You can subscribe to the podcast by clicking here.

When you sign up receive Compete4Christ updates via email you’ll get to be a part of the writing process along with Robbie, Todd and I. Your feedback in the comments section of each post will help us determine what chapter to write next. By signing up you’re getting a free book that you get to help write.

One more time: to receive updates on the Compete4Christ websites in your email inbox click here. To subscribe to the Compete4Christ podcast click here.

Are you already subscribed to the email list and the podcast? Great! Thank you for your support. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive all of these updates automatically when they are posted.

Finally, if the title of my next book intrigues you, take a minute to check out my first book Same Game | Different Fame on

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