James and Green, Miller, NC State Manager: Weekly Wisdom 6.12.16  By

James and Green, Miller, NC State Manager: Weekly Wisdom 6.12.16

James, Green, Miller, NC State Baseball

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom we discuss the on court tussle between LeBron James and Draymond Green and their post game comments regarding the altercation. We also talk about Von Miller intentionally cutting Broncos GM John Elway out of the his Instagram photo. We wrap up the podcast with a discussion on the conduct of NC State’s baseball manager in a recent NCAA playoff game.

No love lost

Via his playoff diary for Undefeated Draymond Green said there was “no love lost” between himself and LeBron James. This followed an on the court exchange of pushing, tangled arms, and choice words. Robbie, Todd and I found the post games comments of both Green and James to be thought provoking from a Christian perspective.

Cutting out Elway

Apparently, Von Miller isn’t too happy with the way contract negotiations have been handled by John Elway. It seems rather clear that Miller intentionally cut Elway out of a group picture from the Broncos recent visit to the White House. Sources say Miller is specifically frustrated because the facts of the negotiations have gone public. If you were in Miller’s shoes how might you handle the situation differently? We discuss.

NC State’s manager ejected

In a recent NCAA playoff baseball game NC State’s manager came unglued, and I mean fully unglued, when his pitchers full count pitch was called ball four rather strike three. Managers going postal on umpires is deeply engrained in the baseball culture, but should the Christian embark in similar behavior?

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