Ali, Varejao: Weekly Wisdom 6.5.16  By

Ali, Varejao: Weekly Wisdom 6.5.16

Ali and Varejao

We open this week’s Weekly Wisdom with a discussion on the unique situation Golden State Warrior Anderson Varejao finds himself in and then quickly move to a discussion on the life of Muhammad Ali.

Varejao: NBA Champion regardless

Varejao will technically win an NBA Championship this June regardless of whether or not the team he is currently playing for, the Golden State Warriors, wins the NBA Finals. Varejao had played with the Warriors opponent in the Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers, until February of this year and had been with the team for the previous 12 seasons. As a result, he’s technically a champion either way. Should the Cavaliers win the Finals they will choose whether or not they give Varejao a championship ring. This is an interesting position Varejao is in and Robbie, Todd and I discuss how the Christian might look at this situation and what it looks like to glorify God in and through this very odd circumstance.

Ali: Equal parts talent and controversy

This past week one of the greatest athletes to ever live died at the age of 74. Muhammad Ali is without a doubt one of the most accomplished and most controversial athletes in American history. For a span of time in the 1960s he was as dominant as any athlete has ever been. Out of the ring he spoke openly about his Muslim faith and his association with highly controversial leaders. Beyond boxing he is probably best known for his resisting being drafted into the US armed forces citing religious convictions as his reason for resistance. Virtually no one who observed Ali from a distance would consider him humble, but those who knew him best described him as a man with a humble heart. He was and is polarizing in numerous ways. Perhaps never before and never again will America see an athlete of such quality and controversy rise to the top. There are many lessons we can learn from Ali, but we must also remember that ultimately, and as far as we can tell, Ali died not knowing Christ as His Lord and Savior. For the Christian coach or athlete Ali is a great reminder that regardless of how “great” you become in this life there is only one way to enjoy God forever in Heaven; through faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior. Robbie, Todd and I discuss the life and lessons learned from Ali. It’s a good discussion you don’t want to miss.

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