Harper and Curry: Weekly Wisdom 5.15.16  By

Harper and Curry: Weekly Wisdom 5.15.16

Harper gets suspended and apologizes to his mom

One of MLB’s biggest superstars, Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper, was ejected from a game and then returned to the field to celebrate his teammates walk off home run. Not only was Harper not supposed to be on the field because he had been ejected from the game, but he used his time back on the field to yell a few choice words at the umpire Brian Knight who had previously ejected him. Obviously the behavior caught our attention, but perhaps the most interesting aspect of the story from a Christian worldview were Harper’s comments regarding the incident. Harper said, “I think the only person that I’m pretty upset that saw it was my mom.” When the Christian makes a huge mistake, like illegally returning to the field of play and cussing out the umpire who ejected who, what should be his or her biggest concern? How mom feels? Robbie and Todd and I discuss.

Curry says he’s become really good at ignoring people

LeBron James handed out what felt like a backhanded compliment to Steph Curry declaring that Curry deserved to be the MVP, but that perhaps everyone needs to get on the same page as to what “valuable” means. Interesting thing to say, but Robbie, Todd and I focus our attention on Curry’s response. He said, “I’ve gotten really good at ignoring people..that is the theme of last 2 yrs.” In a culture that is quick to say things like “Ignore the haters” and “Haters gonna hate” is it really Christian to try and ignore what people say about you? Should we just tune out the criticism or is it more complicated than that?

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