Tomic, Mineo, Pastner: Weekly Wisdom 5.8.16  By

Tomic, Mineo, Pastner: Weekly Wisdom 5.8.16

In this episode: Bernard Tomic makes a mockery of match point, Robbie plays basketball with Andy Mineo, Propaganda, and a few others, and Josh Pastner says if you play golf you can’t be his assistant coach at Georgia Tech.

Tomic makes a mockery of match point

Bernard Tomic is a talented 23 year old tennis player from Australia with a reputation for conducting himself in a less than professional way on the court. Last week, while facing match point, he gripped his tennis racquet by the strings and attempted to play Fabio Fagnini’s serve with the handle of his racquet. You can watch a video of the lackluster effort here. When asked after the match if he cared about match point Tomic responded, “I don’t care about that match point. Would you care if you were 23 and worth over $10 million?” Robbie, Todd and I discuss what ought to be the Christian’s ambition and motivation in light of Tomic’s behavior and comments.

Mineo, Propaganda, Trent, and the Huskers

Saturday Robbie had the opportunity to play some pick-up basketball at the Huskers practice facility with Andy Mineo (@AndyMineo), Propaganda (@prophiphop) and a few others while they were in Lincoln for a show. Robbie was impressed with how humble and Gospel-centered these men were and I thought it would be fun let him share a little bit about his time with some of our favorite rappers.

Great coaches don’t golf

Or at least they don’t according to Georgia Tech’s new men’s basketball coach Josh Pastner. This story is a few weeks old, but worth circling back to. In a press conference Pastner said, “My first question to anyone I [might] hire is, ‘Do you golf?’ If they say, ‘Yes’, you can’t work for me because that means five hours on a Sunday or a Saturday.” There is a great discussion circling around pursuing your God-given potential and discover when we’ve lost all perspective in that pursuit embedded in this story which you can read here.

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